24th Month - (Carrot Feeding Frenzy) NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts 5 Gallon Nano Tank

  • Published: 28 November 2019
  • This is 24th month update. Loomster is a sparkling gourami. Loomster continued to hide a lot throughout this month. I noticed he comes out in the morning more often than other times. I usually film in the evening, so it’s harder catch him doing his usual thing. The carrot was boiled for quite a long time to make it very soft. I didn’t know carrots took that long to boil to make it soft.
    I’m still in the process of moving. I think my next video will be at least in 3 weeks or so. I really pushed to get this video out. Hope you like it.
    I always appreciate the love and support from you all. I didn’t know so many people would show this much love and support for this little channel.

    23rd month lvclip.com/video/rEGTEhmVH60/video.html
    22nd month lvclip.com/video/jw9e2M_BxE8/video.html
    21st month lvclip.com/video/DSsg17QrYP4/video.html
    20th month lvclip.com/video/xHySlQ1QIck/video.html
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    14th month lvclip.com/video/LkLJ26sEl0k/video.html
    13th month lvclip.com/video/ftcTO_Wzujg/video.html
    12 months update lvclip.com/video/2VuDVhCpJyA/video.html
    11 months update lvclip.com/video/PsUkQGY8vR0/video.html
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    5 months update lvclip.com/video/dU5izzyxqeA/video.html
    4 months update lvclip.com/video/FtdkRe6VjSs/video.html
    3 months update: lvclip.com/video/xut0YAvE8eQ/video.html
    2 months update: lvclip.com/video/BBGcPGQvO9Y/video.html
    The setup video: lvclip.com/video/ZvmGJuquuLE/video.html
    NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts Planted Tank Series:

    Merch: teespring.com/stores/foo-store

    This is a Walstad Method tank. The credit goes to Diana Walstad for publishing the organic soil substrate method.
    Check out her book in the link below if interested.
    The book I read to make this aquarium:
    Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad(Hard cover) amzn.to/2tB4xiZ
    Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad(digital) amzn.to/2svT0Sy
    4.6 gallon low iron rimless tank amzn.to/2yKTWST
    5.4 gallon low iron rimless tank amzn.to/2y5YZeO
    50W heater amzn.to/2tAQOsy
    Heater cover so plants won't get burned amzn.to/2sw42ap
    Tiny thermometer amzn.to/2tAwFmg
    Magnetic thermometer amzn.to/2LRCrXd
    (I'm using the tiny thermometer with a small rubber band to hold it in its place.)
    Mini round shape magnet scrubber amzn.to/2zx6k8D
    Miracle gro organic choice potting mix amzn.to/2tyHm9g
    2~3mm gravel 20lb bag amzn.to/2gJ5tOl
    2~3mm gravel 5lb bag amzn.to/2y3e3ih
    Aquarium scissors amzn.to/2BXY1GW
    Aquarium Tweezers amzn.to/2EWyAZe
    TetraMin Flakes (gourami and shrimp food) amzn.to/2Gouypo

    Camera: LG v10 (manual mode) stock app amzn.to/2JrwD4C
    Clip 3 in 1 lens photo kit. I used the macro lens for close up shots. amzn.to/2HPggiF
    Vegas Pro 15 amzn.to/2Hwu5C5

    Amano Shrimp amzn.to/2PdYOY6
    Blue velvet Shrimp amzn.to/2Oaw7yT
    Cherry Shrimp amzn.to/2yfoU64
    Chocolate Shrimp amzn.to/2P83jDv
    Yellow Shrimp amzn.to/2OA2Ehr
    CRS amzn.to/2IIOntq
    Sunkist Shrimp amzn.to/2PcLQtS
    Ghost Shrimp amzn.to/2ydKms1
    Nerite snails amzn.to/2IF9sF8

    The Best Growing Plants in this tank:
    1. Ceratophyllum demersum (hornwort) amzn.to/2srT6HY
    2. Duckweed amzn.to/2sl3G4p
    3. Hemianthus glomeratus (pearl grass) amzn.to/2LIIPA5
    4. Najas Guadalupensis (guppy grass) amzn.to/2LLN8L8
    5. Bacopa caroliniana amzn.to/2LIPFpj
    6. Dwarf hairgrass amzn.to/2sjG2W1
    The rest:
    Egeria densa (Anachris) amzn.to/2LJCUuO
    Didiplis diandra amzn.to/2LJj4j2
    Rotala rotundifolia (indica) amzn.to/2JbzLFF
    Erik Satie
    Gymnopedie No.2 created by kazantsev (music box)
    Gymnopedie No.3 played by jercarrier on vibraphone
    Gnossienne No.2 created by kazantsev (music box)
    20% off Fiverr for your first purchase : www.fiverr.com/s2/591093e248

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    When you first started this tank did you aerate the water at all?

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