Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

  • Published: 03 December 2019
  • Marvel Studios' Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020.
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Comments • 97 849

  • Julio Salinas
    Julio Salinas  2 giờ trước

    Hola Marvel Entertaiment me gustaria que en captain marvel 2 en sus finales poscreditos podrian poner a Sentry y q se conecte con ella y los vengadores . Eso seria magnifico y la mayoria lo aseptaria

    • Ge Hu
      Ge Hu  2 giờ trước

      Weak stuff......Yawn.

      • Shouten707
        Shouten707  4 giờ trước

        "What? I've never called you sis before? ...You're right, it IS weirdly clunky and expositional. I mean, I know your my sister, so who am I saying it for? Wierd..."

        • HomereQ
          HomereQ  7 giờ trước

          david harbour's here of course im coming

          • Donghai 2804
            Donghai 2804  11 giờ trước

            In the scene where Natasa reviewed her pasports (0:38), her fake identity card had yellow paper with the word "Vietnam" very clearly. This is the identification she used when operating in Vietnam?

            • Jayx Official
              Jayx Official  14 giờ trước

              Cant wait..... but, why....... I mean she's dead. What next, another Ironman movie

              • logan20041
                logan20041  14 giờ trước


                • roycedaprince59
                  roycedaprince59  15 giờ trước

                  Black Widows sister must be named Brown Recluse

                  • Bixi Samala
                    Bixi Samala  16 giờ trước

                    Rondo Ireng

                    • Musa Deferrari
                      Musa Deferrari  16 giờ trước

                      Scarlett Johansson is amazing 😍❤ I'm glad she never dies

                      • nsa3679
                        nsa3679  17 giờ trước

                        Why the movie if she’s dead.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

                        • Karim Messaoudi
                          Karim Messaoudi  19 giờ trước

                          This movie is gonna blow Captain Marvel back to the eighties, can't freakn wait! :)

                          • Max Shao
                            Max Shao  20 giờ trước

                            I'm sorry, but is it weird to anyone else that we are three months away but still haven't got an official trailer?

                            • James Day
                              James Day  23 giờ trước

                              Finally Budapest! The ultimate endgame

                              • Nazar Mamedov
                                Nazar Mamedov  Ngày trước

                                But she die in the avengers 4 for the Stone

                                • Nazar Mamedov
                                  Nazar Mamedov  8 giờ trước

                                  @Game Clips Central ok thanks👍

                                  • Game Clips Central
                                    Game Clips Central  Ngày trước

                                    Nazar Mamedov yes it’s the backstory before that

                                    • Gladson Coelho
                                      Gladson Coelho  Ngày trước

                                      What if Hawkeye is taskmaster ????

                                      • Non Mirage Truth Vision
                                        Non Mirage Truth Vision  Ngày trước

                                        "was she wearing a parachute?" Rumlow "No, no she wasn't"

                                        • Sherrie Buck
                                          Sherrie Buck  Ngày trước

                                          How unoriginal. I am gonna pass this one. 😶

                                          • fabi.g g
                                            fabi.g g  23 giờ trước

                                            how is this "unoriginal" lmao

                                            • Game Clips Central
                                              Game Clips Central  Ngày trước

                                              Sherrie Buck stfu

                                              • Neil
                                                Neil  Ngày trước

                                                This is what Hopper is doing in Russia.

                                                • Rikin Thakkar
                                                  Rikin Thakkar  Ngày trước

                                                  Trump reporting this for Russian spies

                                                  • Erica Ariel
                                                    Erica Ariel  Ngày trước

                                                    When did this happen if she died? Must’ve been a blast in the past before she joined shield 🤔 and they said don’t change anything from the past (THE END GAME) but captain changed his life by living and getting married... and came back old as his real age as if he never was on ice! I’m confused and need answers about the future?! What will happen to cap and the avengers?!!!!

                                                    • Irfan Moktar
                                                      Irfan Moktar  Ngày trước

                                                      Yelena copying nat's moves? Sounds like a taskmaster to me

                                                      • Josias Maestre
                                                        Josias Maestre  Ngày trước

                                                        Is it just me that's watching in 1:57 the x-men logo?

                                                        • Liam Does Stuff
                                                          Liam Does Stuff  Ngày trước

                                                          0:50 there is a guitar hero drum kit behind her

                                                          • Feray Turan
                                                            Feray Turan  2 ngày trước

                                                            Tony Stark is alive

                                                            • Feray Turan
                                                              Feray Turan  22 giờ trước

                                                              fabi.g g Do you see cast?

                                                              • fabi.g g
                                                                fabi.g g  23 giờ trước

                                                                no hes not. he died

                                                                • Row Danilov
                                                                  Row Danilov  2 ngày trước

                                                                  I got the chills after the trailer can't wait!!! and better late than never huh? lmao long over dueeeeeeee

                                                                  • Andreas Rabachini
                                                                    Andreas Rabachini  2 ngày trước

                                                                    0:50 anyone spotted that guitar hero drum kit in the back

                                                                    • Asim Mir
                                                                      Asim Mir  2 ngày trước

                                                                      This background music has amazing resemblance with the Chernobyl's............. (Kind of same background score ....but on steroids).

                                                                      • FcoGabler
                                                                        FcoGabler  2 ngày trước

                                                                        Seriously? There was no other building to film at except the same of "Red Sparrow"?

                                                                        • Srta. Honguitos
                                                                          Srta. Honguitos  2 ngày trước


                                                                          • ɈØŜɆⱣĦ
                                                                            ɈØŜɆⱣĦ  2 ngày trước

                                                                            that's a nice looking drum kit at 0:51

                                                                            • hot sauce4
                                                                              hot sauce4  2 ngày trước

                                                                              IM SAD THAT IRON MAN AND BLACK WIDOW DIED GETTING THE INFINITY STONES AND BEATING THANOS

                                                                              • DaRulez Lulez
                                                                                DaRulez Lulez  2 ngày trước

                                                                                Nat: "You could not live with my own sacrifice. Where did that bring you? Back to me."

                                                                                • Patrick St.Hilaire
                                                                                  Patrick St.Hilaire  2 ngày trước

                                                                                  I hope taskmaster cheats like he does in marvel vs capcom 3

                                                                                  • Logan Hammond
                                                                                    Logan Hammond  2 ngày trước

                                                                                    Add a kid super hero like in the comics but like 13 to 17

                                                                                    • John Porteous
                                                                                      John Porteous  2 ngày trước

                                                                                      When you realize that because Endgame is in 2023 they could set a movie in the present day with Black Widow

                                                                                      • Wild Bill
                                                                                        Wild Bill  2 ngày trước

                                                                                        To me Black Widow is going to be better than the Eternals

                                                                                        • Maxessy18
                                                                                          Maxessy18  2 ngày trước

                                                                                          0:51 guitar hero drum kit in the background

                                                                                          • Asim Mir
                                                                                            Asim Mir  2 ngày trước

                                                                                            Black Widow: Nothing lasts forever. Hawkeye: HELL YEAH

                                                                                            • Majo Guzman
                                                                                              Majo Guzman  2 ngày trước

                                                                                              Me encanta el trailer pero deberían haberse basado en su pasado como se creo viuda negra😍Aún así me encanta

                                                                                              • Mike Lewis
                                                                                                Mike Lewis  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                So Hopper IS in Russia!

                                                                                                • Ty Gibbons
                                                                                                  Ty Gibbons  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                  Yet Hockey still dose get a movie

                                                                                                  • SZAKUŁHD
                                                                                                    SZAKUŁHD  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                    Im sure on 100% her sister Die This why she be soo depresd in Avengers infinity war and endgame

                                                                                                    • Taurus Wiggins
                                                                                                      Taurus Wiggins  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                      She's a real heroes.

                                                                                                      • king seokjin
                                                                                                        king seokjin  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                        I'm so proud of Florence Pugh, shes really rising

                                                                                                        • Robin Yoshizumi
                                                                                                          Robin Yoshizumi  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                          Can I just say how disappointed I am that marvel didn’t have her character or her sister’s characters suits/uniforms zipped up all way. Sure Natashas jacket was zipped up but why can’t her suit be zipped up too, it just doesn’t logically make sense for the zipper to be so far down :((

                                                                                                          • Mitzi Lee
                                                                                                            Mitzi Lee  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                            Aaaaaagh. I'm so excited! XD

                                                                                                            • David Tudor/Wehr
                                                                                                              David Tudor/Wehr  2 ngày trước

                                                                                                              Looking forward to seeing Oliver Richters

                                                                                                              • frost kill me gaming
                                                                                                                frost kill me gaming  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                Its real 2020😱😱

                                                                                                                • John Adamsct
                                                                                                                  John Adamsct  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                  Post credits scene better show something good for the future of the marvel..

                                                                                                                  • KyleBlade
                                                                                                                    KyleBlade  3 ngày trước


                                                                                                                    • fabi.g g
                                                                                                                      fabi.g g  23 giờ trước

                                                                                                                      then don't waste your time commenting something negative

                                                                                                                      • johnny cesareo
                                                                                                                        johnny cesareo  3 ngày trước


                                                                                                                        • ERROR 69
                                                                                                                          ERROR 69  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                          Me in 2016 I want a black widow movie Marvel: u r 4 years earlier

                                                                                                                          • ERROR 69
                                                                                                                            ERROR 69  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                            Me in 2016 I want a black widow movie Marvel: u r 4 years earlier

                                                                                                                            • Muslim Bale
                                                                                                                              Muslim Bale  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                              Task master = power ranger

                                                                                                                              • Harivansh Rao
                                                                                                                                Harivansh Rao  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                                sometimes I think I am the only one who is making pressure on marvel to bring Tony back😐😐

                                                                                                                                • Carlos Felipe
                                                                                                                                  Carlos Felipe  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                                  Look very very well 😄!

                                                                                                                                  • GlideyBoi
                                                                                                                                    GlideyBoi  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                                    Imagine at the end of the movie, there is a post credit scene where they show black widow's body in volmir, then she opens her eyes and then the credits roll. Kind of like Avatar.

                                                                                                                                    • Ash Pokemaster
                                                                                                                                      Ash Pokemaster  3 ngày trước

                                                                                                                                      Who thinks that this movie is going to be better than captain marvel?

                                                                                                                                      • rockstar sackboy
                                                                                                                                        rockstar sackboy  3 ngày trước