Conan & Sam Richardson Explore Makola Market - CONAN on TBS

  • Published: 08 November 2019
  • Conan questions Makola Market's "no fighting" rule and becomes the face of Perk Biscuits.
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Comments • 1 554

  • maddhatter7891
    maddhatter7891  Күн бұрын


    • Benji J.A
      Benji J.A  2 күн бұрын

      The end tho hahahaha

      • Ursula Boamah
        Ursula Boamah  5 күн бұрын

        I love the fact that conan didn’t try to touch the hair of the guy who touched his hair

        • Sigurs Berget
          Sigurs Berget  5 күн бұрын


          • Devin Wagner
            Devin Wagner  7 күн бұрын

            I like how there is all these like run down cars driving by then at 0:46 there is just a range rover lol

            • Roter Kreis
              Roter Kreis  7 күн бұрын

              he is cringyyyy

              • Bolot K
                Bolot K  8 күн бұрын

                What's the song name? 5:05

                • Michael Pang
                  Michael Pang  14 күн бұрын

                  I love sam’s look in his eyes at the end

                  • Tsögö Bauggi
                    Tsögö Bauggi  13 күн бұрын

                    It's so funny :D The best part of these Ghana videos :)

                    • Kishan Poddar
                      Kishan Poddar  14 күн бұрын

                      Damn, Ghana's beautiful

                      • T B
                        T B  16 күн бұрын

                        The way auntie Christie started to talk during themonologue was very scary. It was almost as if I was seeing my mom

                        • Dr Holiday
                          Dr Holiday  16 күн бұрын

                          05:25 I bet he wasn't expecting that hahaha

                          • IQRA ANSARI
                            IQRA ANSARI  17 күн бұрын

                            Wud definetly love to visit ghana one day♥️♥️♥️♥️

                            • tonebone
                              tonebone  18 күн бұрын

                              Them women look stinky, contagious

                              • natureboyinyourface
                                natureboyinyourface  19 күн бұрын

                                I was a huge Jay Leno fan, leaned towards Kimmel when he retired, think I'll give Conan a shot now.

                                • Adwi Iwda
                                  Adwi Iwda  19 күн бұрын

                                  Wonder if Conan has private security escort tailing him everywhere like he did in Cuba :D

                                  • Souvik Pandey
                                    Souvik Pandey  19 күн бұрын

                                    The last part insist of Which song?

                                    • Alex.L
                                      Alex.L  20 күн бұрын

                                      2:35 black panther has entered the chat

                                      • Pravit Jearvorachai
                                        Pravit Jearvorachai  20 күн бұрын

                                        4:44 What goes down in the boys bathroom

                                        • Strawberry cake
                                          Strawberry cake  20 күн бұрын

                                          You needeth to cometh to INDIA!..We speak guud Amerikan...We weel geev eeuu grayt Kontent.

                                          • ItshamdounBitch
                                            ItshamdounBitch  20 күн бұрын

                                            “We don’t do that here” 🇬🇭? More like wakanda

                                            • Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang
                                              Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang  21 күн бұрын

                                              Connan please come visit us, Myanmar 🇲🇲

                                              • Freezy YT
                                                Freezy YT  21 күн бұрын

                                                2:50 wakanda forever

                                                • kim kim
                                                  kim kim  21 күн бұрын

                                                  Lol lol no fighting

                                                  • Silly Witch
                                                    Silly Witch  21 күн бұрын

                                                    Comedy and laughter doesn't get lost in translation.

                                                    • colleen ryan
                                                      colleen ryan  21 күн бұрын

                                                      Conan wants to start a fight so badly because of Irish natural instincts

                                                      • D J
                                                        D J  22 күн бұрын

                                                        Sam’s face... priceless

                                                        • Rima SINGLEinNY
                                                          Rima SINGLEinNY  22 күн бұрын

                                                          I Love him !!!and Auntie gonna get him😆

                                                          • ctguitarguy
                                                            ctguitarguy  22 күн бұрын

                                                            The lady at 4:58 tho.

                                                            • Lighting Emperor
                                                              Lighting Emperor  23 күн бұрын

                                                              4:58 watcha lookin at

                                                              • Fairuz Hussaini
                                                                Fairuz Hussaini  23 күн бұрын

                                                                4:04 ngawwwwww

                                                                • TheSwimpsu99
                                                                  TheSwimpsu99  23 күн бұрын

                                                                  Ya America is a mess....From two spoiled millionaires.....America has never been better

                                                                  • Ha Ku
                                                                    Ha Ku  23 күн бұрын

                                                                    Hulk : bows Black panther : 2:36

                                                                    • Queen of R&B 👑
                                                                      Queen of R&B 👑  24 күн бұрын


                                                                      • nprozac
                                                                        nprozac  24 күн бұрын

                                                                        whats the track at the end?

                                                                        • Mary Daley
                                                                          Mary Daley  25 күн бұрын

                                                                          What is it you don't get about how GREAT the Trump Presidency is going, Conan ? Finally , a real person , and leader, is making positive progress ! (Instead of a molded, groomed, Party person, cleverly playing the role of President) There are so many more Americans working and prospering since...whenever?... And from all of our diverse racial backgrounds ! What don't you like, Conan ? You don't like weird hair ? I thought an intelligent comedian would see through the collective leftist Hollywood and Big Media baloney...too bad ...adios , Conan

                                                                          • Joseph Lupo
                                                                            Joseph Lupo  25 күн бұрын

                                                                            United States is not a pure mess. Conan has become another leftwing moron, sadly.

                                                                            • Edjail Mendes
                                                                              Edjail Mendes  26 күн бұрын


                                                                              • Duke
                                                                                Duke  26 күн бұрын

                                                                                I'm convinced Conan can hang with anyone.

                                                                                • Mohananeethan Muruganantharajah
                                                                                  Mohananeethan Muruganantharajah  28 күн бұрын

                                                                                  Ive been here

                                                                                  • LiveWire
                                                                                    LiveWire  28 күн бұрын

                                                                                    4:57 that women in the background tho

                                                                                    • s k
                                                                                      s k  28 күн бұрын

                                                                                      The sweet, tiny boy stole my heart. If this video isn't scripted and it's natural conversation, then it's pure genius. Love the Ghana and Haiti series.

                                                                                      • Wayne Kent
                                                                                        Wayne Kent  28 күн бұрын

                                                                                        We don't do that here.

                                                                                        • Oliver Revillo
                                                                                          Oliver Revillo  28 күн бұрын

                                                                                          *WE A DONT DO DAT HERE*

                                                                                          • Dexter's vloggs
                                                                                            Dexter's vloggs  28 күн бұрын

                                                                                            We DOn'T dO tHAt hERe

                                                                                            • ASAP Sinclair
                                                                                              ASAP Sinclair  29 күн бұрын

                                                                                              1:11 he can come in exchange with you Conan. You don’t have to live in the greatest Country in the world if it’s that shitty to you

                                                                                              • Lenny Price
                                                                                                Lenny Price  29 күн бұрын

                                                                                                Those Geico commercials that have the Pinocchio character, it always remind me of Conan.

                                                                                                • ba09942
                                                                                                  ba09942  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                  I wish these videos were longer

                                                                                                  • Fanfare
                                                                                                    Fanfare  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                    Them: I like perk milk, I like perk choco Me: homie where the perc 30 at

                                                                                                    • Eddy Musoke
                                                                                                      Eddy Musoke  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                      Visit the DR.Congo and will offer so much.

                                                                                                      • OpenYourMind
                                                                                                        OpenYourMind  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                        2:25 Aunty: HEY! Eyes up here white boy! Busted! 😂😂

                                                                                                        • For 91 Days Travel Blog
                                                                                                          For 91 Days Travel Blog  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                          Wow you filmed there .. wow .. brave.. heheh

                                                                                                          • Naomi Okpara
                                                                                                            Naomi Okpara  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                            That "we don't do that here" Aunty is every Nigerian mother ever 😂😂😂😂

                                                                                                            • Alexander
                                                                                                              Alexander  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                              Bruce Banner: **bows** T'challa: 2:36

                                                                                                              • Anthony Villanueva
                                                                                                                Anthony Villanueva  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                                Me: *bows to Aunty Christie* Aunty Christie: We don't do that here.

                                                                                                                • DistantDeadWorlds
                                                                                                                  DistantDeadWorlds  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                                  Lol, that angel shirt is from imagine dragons album by tim cantor.

                                                                                                                  • ClarkB
                                                                                                                    ClarkB  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                                    lol they used one of my favorite veep clips. i kinda wish they would have showed 3 more seconds of it so you can see he said that in front of a bunch of kids

                                                                                                                    • Lady Bug
                                                                                                                      Lady Bug  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                                      I wish any white people that come to my country is as respectful as conan.

                                                                                                                      • Cus Walkin SneakerHead
                                                                                                                        Cus Walkin SneakerHead  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                                        5:32 that face tho

                                                                                                                        • Stefano Vergani
                                                                                                                          Stefano Vergani  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                                          3:01 but IF

                                                                                                                          • Odee Rashid
                                                                                                                            Odee Rashid  Ай бұрын

                                                                                                                            I love their accent 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️