Tyga - Ayy Macarena (Lyrics)

  • Published: 15 November 2019
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    🎤 “Tyga - Ayy Macarena” Lyrics:
    [Intro: J Balvin]
    Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena
    Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegría y cosa buena
    Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, Macarena
    Hey Macarena
    [Chorus: Tyga]
    Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena (Ayy)
    Put the choppa on a n***a, turn 'em to a sprinter (Yee)
    Bitches on my dick, tell 'em, give me one minute (One)
    Ayy, Macarena (Ayy)
    Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena (Hey)
    Put the choppa on a nigga, turn 'em to a sprinter (Yee)
    Bitches on my dick, tell 'em, give me one minute (One)
    Ayy, Macarena (Ayy)
    [Verse 1: Tyga]
    Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena (Hot)
    Bitches on my stick, but my name ain't Harry Potter (No)
    She lick it up, make it disappear like "Ta-da" (What?)
    She ex with some dollars, not a bitch, gettin' nada (Yeah)
    And I'm in this bitch for my clique, what (Wah, ah)
    On my throne, 20 racks on that bitch, wild dick (Wah, ah)
    Three phones on my lap, ayy, word on my back (Back)
    She can be tapped in if a n***a tapped (Tapping)
    Look like someone that I used to know (Used to)
    Undefeated with the bitches, I'm invincible
    Diamonds ain't invisible, n***a, I invented you
    Want me to be miserable, but I can never miss a ho (Woo, uh)

    [Chorus: Tyga]
    Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena (Hey)
    Put the choppa on a nigga, turn 'em to a sprinter (Yee)
    Bitches on my dick, tell 'em, give me one minute (One)
    Ayy, Macarena (Ayy)
    Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena (Hey)
    Put the choppa on a nigga, turn 'em to a sprinter (Yee)
    Bitches on my dick, tell 'em, give me one minute (One)
    Ayy, Macarena (Ayy)
    [Verse 2: Tyga]
    Ayy, I find a spot, then I post up
    Bitches wanna know if I'm single, tell her "Yes, sir"
    And I seen you dance on the 'Gram, tell her shake some
    I ain't even gon' lie, I'ma eat the chocha (Yeah)
    And I like it when she got the toes out (Tom Ford)
    Get you iced down, now you glowed out (Bust down)
    Got a new bitch (New bitch), took a new route (New route)
    She a rockstar (Rockstar), that's no doubt (No doubt)
    I'ma fire to the flame, don't be burning me out (Ha)
    I'm the n***a that she told you not to worry about
    Why you think she in a rush when she leaving the house?
    I'ma sip, I'ma clip, I'ma drip, then I'm out (Ayy)
    [Chorus: Tyga]
    Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena (Hey)
    Put the choppa on a nigga, turn 'em to a sprinter (Yee)
    Bitches on my dick, tell 'em, give me one minute (One)
    Ayy, Macarena (Ayy)
    Ayy, Macaria, Macaria, Macarena (Hey)
    Put the choppa on a nigga, turn 'em to a sprinter (Yee)
    Bitches on my dick, tell 'em, give me one minute (One)
    Ayy, Macarena (Ayy)
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