Charlie's Angels - A Perfect Storm

  • Published: 21 November 2019
  • So with the news that Charlie's Angels has bombed at the box office, I figured it would be a good time to take a look at the movie and try to figure out why. Grab your drinks, and join me as I explore the anatomy of this failure.

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  • The Critical Drinker
    The Critical Drinker   Vor 2 Monate

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    • joker Darker
      joker Darker  Vor 20 Tage


      • CollazoStudios
        CollazoStudios  Vor 25 Tage

        Robert Patterson is doing way better more in movies like the lighthouse and his upcoming film Christopher nolan's Tenet.

        • Captain McDog
          Captain McDog  Vor Monat

          Would you consider setting up on SubscribeStar or some other alternative to Patreon. I'd like to support you, but I can't use Patreon after their bullshit antics.

          • Bruno Fernandez
            Bruno Fernandez  Vor Monat

            @Space Roamer I don't get it.

            • Space Roamer
              Space Roamer  Vor Monat

              @Bruno Fernandez you have no point, you're complacent

              • Andrew LaTourette
                Andrew LaTourette  Vor 2 Stunden

                Mr. Drinker, I like your vids you're pretty funny and your critiques are insightful. Would it be possible for you to do a critique of a movie you enjoyed with a female main lead to show everyone that the female main characters of the past were actually stronger better women than the ones that they shoehorn in now?

                • snag66
                  snag66  Vor 14 Stunden

                  I just came across the drinker a day ago and im already addicted like Rosie O'Donnell to the midday special at Golden Corral

                  • yackawaytube
                    yackawaytube  Vor 17 Stunden

                    "Men are arrogant, corrupt, jealous, selfish, insecure, weak, dumb, unstable"... so basically all the men in this movie are like Donald Trump.

                    • Les Krapps
                      Les Krapps  Vor 20 Stunden

                      Harley Quinn is next lol

                      • Zakary Mandley
                        Zakary Mandley  Vor Tag

                        Kristen Stewart is as physically intimidating, or as seductive as Turnip-Head from Howl's Moving Castle.

                        • billyjoejimbob75
                          billyjoejimbob75  Vor Tag

                          I know several people with adenoid problems. I can find no reason to point it out any more than a guy I work with that limps because of a crooked leg.

                          • Matchitehew
                            Matchitehew  Vor Tag

                            Maybe it is to see if we man care that they demean us in a random shitty movie, can't fool me feminist! It is your fantasy have fun with it, I will go and watch some good movies lol

                            • Rev BladeZ
                              Rev BladeZ  Vor Tag

                              5:39 Constantinople*

                              • xwtflolx24
                                xwtflolx24  Vor Tag

                                I thought the thumbnail was "holes" for a second 😂

                                • Death Become You
                                  Death Become You  Vor Tag


                                  • cheesy cheese man
                                    cheesy cheese man  Vor 2 Tage

                                    If a movie with woman as spies/agents that enter into combat is being serious, that's fine, but they are not going to take down a guy with 60 lbs more muscle in straight up hand to hand combat. They have to be smart and be a little more sneaky and crafty. Like attack first from behind and neck the person out with a bat, or break a knee or two.

                                    • bill sauce
                                      bill sauce  Vor 2 Tage

                                      I think this is the funniest thing i have seen in years, You good sir are now my official Movie & TV reviewer, You shall serve as the filter to save me having to endure anymore of this vacuous "Woke" crap that Hollywood e.t-al masquerades to the masses as Entertainment. Mainstream critics have so little credibility with me anymore that i actually use their "High scores" as a guide on what Movies and shows to avoid and low scores as an indicator that this is something i should check out and I'm pretty darn certain that I'm not the only one that uses this mechanism as way to navigate through this vast ocean of Woke shite, ..................................or maybe im just an "Evil White Man"? time for a drink as i twirl my mustache , steeply my fingers and laugh maniacally. I salute and subscribe to you the Critical Drinker!

                                      • Stefano Rodriguez
                                        Stefano Rodriguez  Vor 2 Tage

                                        That opening scene where shes supposedly elbowing the business man in the face 😂 I can’t take those chicken wing swings seriously

                                        • Stavros Mayakovsky
                                          Stavros Mayakovsky  Vor 2 Tage

                                          hmmmm. i don't get it. what did you expect from a flick like Charlie's angels?

                                          • Barry Musgrove
                                            Barry Musgrove  Vor 2 Tage

                                            Hedy Lamarr 4:46

                                            • Marco Zolo
                                              Marco Zolo  Vor 2 Tage

                                              A perfect storm of horseshit

                                              • Gaspard Kazandjian
                                                Gaspard Kazandjian  Vor 2 Tage

                                                Mouth breather🤣🤣🤣

                                                • Pee Cee
                                                  Pee Cee  Vor 2 Tage

                                                  "Pack the bags! We're goin on a guilt trip!" now that is just genius

                                                  • Lamderem J
                                                    Lamderem J  Vor 3 Tage

                                                    So this is not made for normal people?

                                                    • Schnurm
                                                      Schnurm  Vor 3 Tage

                                                      dude i love your "naah, I´ll be fine". It´s just like in every review :D

                                                      • Sayak roy-choudhury
                                                        Sayak roy-choudhury  Vor 3 Tage

                                                        Does women fantasies this? Beating men? Is thats all being equal, just compete male in physical power? Well they can't. Just take any male n female athlete top of their game n compete. They simply can't. Women are weak. However they are better manager if they have the right education n exposure, women can manage stuff better, they are comparatively cool headed n if protected they can take decisions. They can be also good military strategist or tactical commander cuz they have that compassion not to get people killed, less hot headed, cool, Diplomatic ,But they simply cant execute ops. It's just weird

                                                        • Hellsing's Pyre
                                                          Hellsing's Pyre  Vor 3 Tage

                                                          The only reason why I went to see this trainwreck was because I have a hard on for kristen stewart... don't judge me lol

                                                          • Ismael Dominguez
                                                            Ismael Dominguez  Vor 3 Tage

                                                            Was it normal for me to daydream during the plot and started listening to the critique parts

                                                            • Jack Croatan
                                                              Jack Croatan  Vor 4 Tage

                                                              Why are they making these kind of identity politics movies? I mean - they are antagonizing at least half of the audience - where is the money in that?

                                                              • mr Sherburt
                                                                mr Sherburt  Vor 4 Tage

                                                                PMSL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                • Robert Fitzgerald
                                                                  Robert Fitzgerald  Vor 4 Tage

                                                                  Bottom line: Kristen Stewart was the kiss of death.

                                                                  • Lemonade
                                                                    Lemonade  Vor 4 Tage

                                                                    Those final minutes in this video I’ve never heard something that is so true

                                                                    • xLuciphelx
                                                                      xLuciphelx  Vor 4 Tage

                                                                      I really dont understand why these feminists think women want to see other women on screen. I am a woman and im much more interested in badass men rather than under-fed actresses flipping around in tiny dresses. (Well, more interested in good story and character regardless of gender but if im gonna be a superficial as garbage like this then yeah, id rather look at a dude) But maybe im just brainwashed or something... no sane woman would be attracted to a man, right?

                                                                      • DeepDownDerp - Quality Entertainment!

                                                                        Watching Patrick Stewart show up in increasingly shit movies is like watching him go insane in Macbeth.

                                                                        • GuacamoleKun
                                                                          GuacamoleKun  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                          The director wanted it to fail, the same way tumblr artists draw "sexy" pictures of fat ladies with big noses and a bunch of body hair, just wordlessly daring people to say it's not sexy. It's not about creating something that shows off how something can be attractive in an alternative way, something that might actually be uplifting and celebratory... it's about setting a malicious trap. It's about dragging people down.

                                                                          • horst wessel
                                                                            horst wessel  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                            Didn't see it ... and proud of it.

                                                                            • d h
                                                                              d h  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                              Don't bring the twice Oscar nominated Djimon Hounsou into this

                                                                              • d h
                                                                                d h  Vor 4 Stunden

                                                                                @Itachi3040 it was back when Djimon got nominated.

                                                                                • Itachi3040
                                                                                  Itachi3040  Vor 9 Stunden

                                                                                  Oscar is not valuable award anymore

                                                                                  • severino santos
                                                                                    severino santos  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                                    Man, you are brutally funny.......and on point.

                                                                                    • Sam-pie
                                                                                      Sam-pie  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                                      This guy talks like he's failing at trying to imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger

                                                                                      • cecil filbert
                                                                                        cecil filbert  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                                        Films shiting themselves before they even get to cinema!

                                                                                        • Blood0cean
                                                                                          Blood0cean  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                                          The funniest part is Kristen Stewart said her next project won't be a bland action movie like twilight. Congrats u made a boring bomb instead no acting chops.

                                                                                          • A Z
                                                                                            A Z  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                                            What A Joke.

                                                                                            • J O
                                                                                              J O  Vor 5 Tage

                                                                                              you talk like that guy who got possessed by the alien in the first Men in Black.

                                                                                              • H. M. Murdock
                                                                                                H. M. Murdock  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                Face: Wanna watch this new shitty movie? Me: I'll wait for the The Critical Drinker to review it. It's the only way to be entertained while watching it and not want to jump into the spinning blades of a helicopter.

                                                                                                • Cameron K.
                                                                                                  Cameron K.  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                  Love the Ben Shapiro reference

                                                                                                  • Derek Patterson
                                                                                                    Derek Patterson  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                    The best part of the Mandalorian casting is that they put a woman on screen that I fully believe could kick the ass of me and other men my size. Sure, her acting looks like she's an MMA fighter in in her first major role, but that will improve. She's already leagues better than her Daredevil role and in a couple scenes she was actually pretty good. Now, who here believes that Kristen Stewart could take down a high school student, let alone a full grown, fully trained security officer? Anyone?

                                                                                                    • Beetlesiri
                                                                                                      Beetlesiri  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                      So the true villain has always been Charlie. Why? Because he is male and white.

                                                                                                      • kernowarty
                                                                                                        kernowarty  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                        Wait! Are you even the same person who reviewed Black Panther back in February? Your voice sounds completely different. The other guy was like a sophisticated Glaswegian (if that is not an oxymoron) but you sound like a homeless Glaswegian with a drink and drug problem. Who is the real Critical Drinker?

                                                                                                        • Hot coffee in a water bottle

                                                                                                          Lazy, manlet take. “Gigantor” Ella Balinsky is dumb fine and 5’10, you’re just 5’9 and intimidated by women taller than you because it makes your peepee feel smol

                                                                                                          • Willies 89
                                                                                                            Willies 89  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                            gotta be honest, only reason i watched Charlie's Angels (2000) was because Tom Green was in it, and he played a character named Chad..... that's also all i kinda remember from that movie, Chad on a boat and CHAD IS GREAT XD

                                                                                                            • Carl FromTheOC
                                                                                                              Carl FromTheOC  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                              It was not helped by the fact that NONE of the women were attractive. Sorry, I am a flaming heterosexual and the last brace of Charlie's Angels movies had sexy women leads, ditto the old TV series. It is not a good sign when the Audi sports car was the sexiest thing or person to show up in the movie. And would the studios please stop trying to make Kristen Stewart the "next big thing". Just stop. It is not going to happen. Ditto Cara Delavigne.

                                                                                                              • David Invenio
                                                                                                                David Invenio  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                                "Sir" Patrick Stewart likes to talk all kinds of shit about how he will only do ST Picard under certain conditions - because integrity and shit. Yeah, and THIS movie? He's a Hollywood whore just like all the rest. And I won't watch that dumpster fire either.

                                                                                                                • archisaurus
                                                                                                                  archisaurus  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                                  None of them are very attractive either......not by hollyweird standards

                                                                                                                  • Dcknyoaho
                                                                                                                    Dcknyoaho  Vor 6 Tage

                                                                                                                    How bad did this movie tank? I didn't even know it existed till I saw this video.

                                                                                                                    • Henry Savoy
                                                                                                                      Henry Savoy  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                      Charlie is dead now is called the LGBTQ’s Angels

                                                                                                                      • Jim Brown
                                                                                                                        Jim Brown  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                        "Gigantor" LOL!

                                                                                                                        • Captain Low Price
                                                                                                                          Captain Low Price  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                          this guy sounds like he shittin a sharp rough piece of shit and he really cannot handle it

                                                                                                                          • MercuryAlphaInc
                                                                                                                            MercuryAlphaInc  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                            It pains me to see Naomi Scott in this. I feel like she actually is a decently talented actress that just can't get her lucky break.

                                                                                                                            • hermoglyph 22
                                                                                                                              hermoglyph 22  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                              Ms Banks wanted to make a feminist statement about female empowerment, so she made a film that glorifies violence and good old-fashioned feminine glamour. I could take her pretensions more seriously if her Angels were ordinary - looking (ie non-glamorous) middle-aged or elderly women who defeated the baddies by no-violent means, rather than by shooting them and bashing them and throwing them about. That'd make them much healthier role-models.

                                                                                                                              • Nicholas Riha
                                                                                                                                Nicholas Riha  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                                Unpopular opinion, both the filmmakers and the people criticising this film are snowflakes

                                                                                                                                • William Barr
                                                                                                                                  William Barr  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                                  Elizabeth Banks, Cue the Troy McClure voice saying "You may remember me from such films as Zack & Miri make a porno...." Lol Fucking clown

                                                                                                                                  • dad_x_4
                                                                                                                                    dad_x_4  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                                    I thought reboots were supposed to include a gender change of the main characters? I won't even watch this when it finally arrives to free to air tv in 10yrs.....I learnt my lesson with the Ghostbusters reboot. Sorry, I only lasted to the 3min mark on your video and had to turn it off

                                                                                                                                    • n lo8t
                                                                                                                                      n lo8t  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                                      Kristen stewart could make a good ciri

                                                                                                                                      • MN Irwin
                                                                                                                                        MN Irwin  Vor 7 Tage

                                                                                                                                        When you mentioned the gender and ethnicity of the men in the movie ... you left out Smug Businessman. Just sayin'. :)