They Went To Jail For What They Did To Me

  • Published: 05 November 2019
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    This story took place when Emma was younger - around five or six years old.
    One night, a group of teenagers were bored and decided to steal their grandpa's gun. They took the weapon, headed to their car and drove around town. Emma does not believe that the teenagers had any truly bad intentions, and she doesn't think they wanted to hurt anyone, but the group started shooting around. They shot at an abandoned house on her street, and they destroyed a truck that was parked nearby.
    The group of teenagers assumed Emma's house was abandoned, too, so they started to shoot at her window. Emma was home and asleep at the time. The bullet traveled through her bedroom window and went right through her arm.
    Emma woke up - not understanding what had just happened - and felt a pain in her arm. She felt scared and confused. She tried to go back to sleep, but the pain wouldn't go away, so she decided to head to her dad's room. Her dad asked her what was wrong, and she told him that her arm was hurting her. Because it was so dark, Emma's dad didn't immediately see anything wrong with her. But when he turned on the TV to help her fall asleep, he was shocked by what he saw in the light - Emma was covered in blood.
    Emma's dad started to freak out, and he looked at her arm and noticed a huge wound. But because no one in their house had her a gun shot, they didn't think it was a bullet wound - they had no idea what it could have been.
    Emma's dad immediately picked her up and headed to their car. But before they could leave to go get help, they were stopped by police officers in their neighborhood - that's when they learned that she had been shot. Emma and her family were shocked, and they waited for an ambulance to arrive.
    Emma was in the hospital for three days and, luckily, her arm healed. Her class made her really sweet cards while she was in the hospital, and she really appreciated their support.
    The three teenagers were caught by the police, and they ended up going to jail for what they did. Emma can hardly believe it when she looks back at the experience and says to herself, "They went to jail for what they did to me."
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  • LittleMsNobody
    LittleMsNobody  3 horas atrás


    • Vil Vil
      Vil Vil  4 horas atrás

      because they got bored....... amazing how three people could do something else then this.

      • theartmaster cirmar
        theartmaster cirmar  5 horas atrás

        I'm just glad the girls okay

        • Camilo Refareal
          Camilo Refareal  5 horas atrás

          Parents: "OMG YOU'RE BLEEDING ALL OVER!1111!1!" *panics* Her: "Woah there's holes in my arm! :D"

          • Sapphire studios
            Sapphire studios  6 horas atrás

            People shouldn’t have went to jail they were just doing the American grind

            • gotta love summer
              gotta love summer  6 horas atrás

              Anyone else think the animation looks different...?

              • Nick
                Nick  7 horas atrás

                'They Went To Jail For What They Did To Me' So, it's any other court case where the defendant is guilty?

                • Rosalie
                  Rosalie  8 horas atrás

                  She has a really high pain tolerance •.• lucky

                  • TheLegendOfHuman#2
                    TheLegendOfHuman#2  8 horas atrás

                    How do you like not realize you got shot in the arm?

                    • Red_B34ST99 9
                      Red_B34ST99 9  8 horas atrás

                      Don't tell this story's were fake the whole time ;-;

                      • blde guy :p
                        blde guy :p  9 horas atrás

                        Her: *gets shots* and doesn't cry Me: *worst stomach ache I ever felt but not even close to the pain she felt* *cries in 11*

                        • Kimberly Erazo
                          Kimberly Erazo  9 horas atrás

                          Woh there's a hole in my are

                          • Ezana Redeat
                            Ezana Redeat  9 horas atrás

                            "It shot through my arm" me: that's so rare

                            • Candy Wolf
                              Candy Wolf  9 horas atrás

                              Is anyone else like how is this girl not just burst out crying or just screaming.

                              • Regina Belle
                                Regina Belle  9 horas atrás

                                I sleep wild

                                • Tiny Boi
                                  Tiny Boi  10 horas atrás

                                  I'm glad her arm is ok!!!

                                  • Makaila IG: mikeinthe70s
                                    Makaila IG: mikeinthe70s  10 horas atrás

                                    Lesson:don't live in a raggedy house

                                    • PinkLasagna
                                      PinkLasagna  10 horas atrás

                                      Bruv I would've been dead

                                      • Johnelle Tom
                                        Johnelle Tom  10 horas atrás

                                        I slept like a maniac Me:thats how i sleep

                                        • Hi
                                          Hi  10 horas atrás


                                          • Roylat Gnail
                                            Roylat Gnail  12 horas atrás

                                            Did their animation skills get even better?!

                                            • Dani H
                                              Dani H  12 horas atrás

                                              They stupid teenagers

                                              • Bob Is a lord
                                                Bob Is a lord  12 horas atrás

                                                Storybooth: Real good and creative stories Other story animation channels: *I was pregnant with my dad who was my transgender mother*

                                                • Deaf Leaf
                                                  Deaf Leaf  12 horas atrás

                                                  Her: gets shot on arm and don’t cry Me: cries because I lost at a game

                                                  • XLMaster
                                                    XLMaster  13 horas atrás

                                                    W O A H , T H E R E ‘ S A H O L E I N M Y A R M !

                                                    • pix1220 LOL
                                                      pix1220 LOL  13 horas atrás

                                                      Boy 1: Im bored.. Boy 2: Me t- Boy 3: OoOoOoOOOoo.. A gun.. All of the boys: *Look at each other* *Three days later* Boy 2: _We're so dumb._

                                                      • NazoGirl1 / 謎ガール1
                                                        NazoGirl1 / 謎ガール1  18 horas atrás

                                                        Seriously when I saw the title plus the cover, my first thought was "Oh dear God don't tell me is *THAT* story 😨😨😨..." Until I watch it of course 😅😅😅.... What? I'm not the only one think like that right 🤔?

                                                        • dark animations
                                                          dark animations  18 horas atrás

                                                          Wo there is a hole in my arm

                                                          • Maosshi Q
                                                            Maosshi Q  19 horas atrás

                                                            I just imagined what if her parents woke up the next morning to find her dead in her bed and now I’m very sad.

                                                            • Wellie Trin
                                                              Wellie Trin  19 horas atrás

                                                              How the fuck did she not o crazy and go stupid when a freakin bully hit her.

                                                              • RubyStarz124
                                                                RubyStarz124  20 horas atrás

                                                                Storybooth: True Stories Other stories: My mom is actually plainrock124 and impregnated me by playing plants vs. zombies with me (MY DOG TURNED INTO A FURRY AND KIDNAPPED ME)

                                                                • Deruzzi
                                                                  Deruzzi  20 horas atrás

                                                                  Noobs need to practise their one taps

                                                                  • Lesley Luna
                                                                    Lesley Luna  20 horas atrás

                                                                    Hey everyone hope you have a great day

                                                                    • Aziz Limani
                                                                      Aziz Limani  21 hora atrás

                                                                      The gun musta been a 22 caliber since no one heared it

                                                                      • n00dles _
                                                                        n00dles _  Dia atrás

                                                                        Ok but it’s so impressive how when she was younger she got shot and like barely, if not at all, cried

                                                                        • tomato head
                                                                          tomato head  Dia atrás

                                                                          I got in head ones should I share my story

                                                                          • Edgar Contreras
                                                                            Edgar Contreras  Dia atrás

                                                                            “Pretty weird how a little girl can handle 2 bullets on her arm when an adult could nearly handle 1...”

                                                                            • Angela Pixiecorn
                                                                              Angela Pixiecorn  Dia atrás


                                                                              • The albino Nipple
                                                                                The albino Nipple  Dia atrás

                                                                                -gets freaking shot- **doesnt wake up**

                                                                                • Ernest370 Gaming
                                                                                  Ernest370 Gaming  Dia atrás

                                                                                  There is a snake in my boot

                                                                                  • Ernest370 Gaming
                                                                                    Ernest370 Gaming  Dia atrás

                                                                                    What a lucky shot

                                                                                    • Pandazarecool 12
                                                                                      Pandazarecool 12  Dia atrás

                                                                                      Get no scoped

                                                                                      • Christalee SANCHEZ
                                                                                        Christalee SANCHEZ  Dia atrás

                                                                                        She literally got shot and she doesn't even cry how does she even not see the blood

                                                                                        • Stxxy 2K02
                                                                                          Stxxy 2K02  Dia atrás

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                                                                                          • Fidel Rodriguez
                                                                                            Fidel Rodriguez  Dia atrás

                                                                                            A GUN!!😱😱

                                                                                            • Thomas Park
                                                                                              Thomas Park  Dia atrás

                                                                                              that is some intense bad and good luck. The bullet to the arm and the arm still ok

                                                                                              • Fidel Rodriguez
                                                                                                Fidel Rodriguez  Dia atrás

                                                                                                So sad😥😥

                                                                                                • detorie wyn
                                                                                                  detorie wyn  Dia atrás

                                                                                                  No offense but a better title should’ve been- I got shot

                                                                                                  • Why Tho
                                                                                                    Why Tho  Dia atrás

                                                                                                    What a trooper. Sis got shot on the arm didn’t even cry

                                                                                                    • Katya Fox
                                                                                                      Katya Fox  Dia atrás

                                                                                                      Who else hates ads

                                                                                                      • MEH Its Rose!
                                                                                                        MEH Its Rose!  Dia atrás

                                                                                                        Me:Crys over hitting my leg bot that hard This random girl who doesn't seriously feel being shot:Gets shot 2 times without crying ! Why cant I be that brave 😭🤣😭 I'm crying over that now

                                                                                                        • starlight x
                                                                                                          starlight x  Dia atrás

                                                                                                          “ They shot our house because they thought it was abandoned “ Maybe that’s a sign to move the hell out?

                                                                                                          • John Behan
                                                                                                            John Behan  Dia atrás

                                                                                                            Do you love the lion king because I do

                                                                                                            • BoxHookie
                                                                                                              BoxHookie  Dia atrás

                                                                                                              "Exuse me officer, theres a hole in my arm"

                                                                                                              • cream cookies
                                                                                                                cream cookies  Dia atrás

                                                                                                                *Woah there's a hole in my arm!*

                                                                                                                • lucyintheskywithdiamonds

                                                                                                                  “Woah there’s a whole in my arm!” Ha why is that meeeeeeeee

                                                                                                                  • Toy Shack
                                                                                                                    Toy Shack  Dia atrás


                                                                                                                    • Cloud9 Minecraft
                                                                                                                      Cloud9 Minecraft  Dia atrás

                                                                                                                      Storybooth: Actual stories. Other Fake Story Channels: I ate an egg and I became pregnant with a turtle and I'm a boy!

                                                                                                                      • Moonlight GachaYT
                                                                                                                        Moonlight GachaYT  Dia atrás

                                                                                                                        1:39 Kids are invincible if you ignore there pain ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

                                                                                                                        • Filip 76uk
                                                                                                                          Filip 76uk  Dia atrás

                                                                                                                          Those guys are fucktards