We built a PC more efficient than a console!

  • Published: 01 December 2019
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    Gaming’s not all about raw power - And if power consumption and your carbon footprint mean anything to you, maybe it’s time to rethink how you build your PC…
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  • lazypizzaguy
    lazypizzaguy  Hace 9 horas

    This vid paused at 0:02 ftw

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan  Hace 10 horas

      only an idiot would do this

      • mmerc 10
        mmerc 10  Hace 12 horas

        Nice leaf

        • Jon Snow
          Jon Snow  Hace 12 horas

          I'd like to see the 3600 instead of 3600X, it does say 65W vs 95W, you'd think the difference would be fairly significant.

          • MaxCarponera
            MaxCarponera  Hace 12 horas

            First thing I did when bulid my PC was undervolt the i7-6700k. Runs 30ºC idle, 57ºC load at stock 4.2GHz, rock stable and silent. Also game at max 60 FPS. There is hardly any gain in more.

            • Sam Beresford
              Sam Beresford  Hace 13 horas

              Yall need your own nerd show just you two 😂 I'd watch that

              • Jeff Sadowski
                Jeff Sadowski  Hace 14 horas

                This was useful. This might help with building a home server as well.

                • Naabii
                  Naabii  Hace 14 horas

                  people crave for silent system. me having tinnitus.

                  • David Siebert
                    David Siebert  Hace 14 horas

                    You left out Nuclear. BTW my county is all Solar and Nuclear.

                    • Kenneth Porst
                      Kenneth Porst  Hace 15 horas

                      You know what I wanna see? Course u dont. I wanna see a 100% custom moded xbox, new cpu/graphics card and all. Please try or I'll HAVE TO

                      • Michael J
                        Michael J  Hace 15 horas

                        Laurel and Hardy back in ESclips form?

                        • Amin Momtaheni
                          Amin Momtaheni  Hace 15 horas

                          can you be the first to compare FX9590 to 3800x? why no one compares old tech to new tech to see how far we improved in CPU. I want to see fx9590 with 5700xt or 2080ti vs 3800x with the same graphic cards and same amount of ram. if the rams are ddr3 vs ddr4 due to 2006 technology of fx9590 its ok. do some modern and old gaming comparisons. I want to see just how far a graphic upgrade could get me and others with old systems would take us today. please and thank you.

                          • Minh Huynh
                            Minh Huynh  Hace 15 horas

                            anthony +/ luke = instant likes

                            • RapaxTV
                              RapaxTV  Hace 15 horas

                              Doesn't AMD have IPC advantage? 5:03

                              • mrdummy
                                mrdummy  Hace 15 horas

                                You should save more energy with LED 1080p monitor, perhaps smaller 22" monitor. you can still game with it, and 22" needs less LED light compared to bigger 24" LED monitor. Going for 4K monitor is asking for more power btw. And there are (BeQuiet) fanless power supply's to save more power. And how about compare it with laptop? Laptops use different design and is build to save power, due smaller cooling system compared to PC, also it has mobile type CPU. sometimes with mobile GPU. Then we know which is less power consuming.

                                • Adarsh Mishra
                                  Adarsh Mishra  Hace 17 horas

                                  Correct me if I'm wrong but on consoles even if you set resolution to HD it still renders the game at 4K so considering this fact the Xbox is really capable at rendering games at 4K at that power draw and maybe, just maybe it could affect the final results if games were rendered at 4K on the PC side.

                                  • TonGi018
                                    TonGi018  Hace 17 horas

                                    Pretty cool to see how efficient PCs can be while still having good performance.

                                    • seven
                                      seven  Hace 18 horas

                                      Well, below around700mV Silicon transistors just won't switch on. That's where the floor comes from, it's a fundamental property of the material, not related to frequency/frequency stability at low voltages.

                                      • Paul Norris
                                        Paul Norris  Hace 18 horas

                                        Anthony embraced it and shave your head bro.

                                        • Mad 153
                                          Mad 153  Hace 19 horas

                                          This is more scripted than the grand tour but it's fine

                                          • Voss Li
                                            Voss Li  Hace 20 horas

                                            If you wanna find max gpu perfromance per watt maybe talk to some bitcoin miners

                                            • Official Puppy Gamer
                                              Official Puppy Gamer  Hace 20 horas

                                              When you complain about power I have 16 frames in every game!

                                              • Sajber Sfera
                                                Sajber Sfera  Hace 20 horas

                                                Anthony Anthony Anthony yeeeeeeeeah :)

                                                • Felix O'Keefe
                                                  Felix O'Keefe  Hace 21 un hora

                                                  HDR means 10bits per pixel. Processing more bits costs more processing power. When HDR is off your GPU is in essence processing only 24 bit color.

                                                  • TJRissi
                                                    TJRissi  Hace 22 horas

                                                    Ha, my electricity comes from a nuclear reactor.

                                                    • momoster69
                                                      momoster69  Hace 22 horas

                                                      more ant videos!

                                                      • IT
                                                        IT  Hace un día

                                                        Uh, it is not hard to build a rig more efficient than a console, the problems comes at doing for the same price as the console. Your power supply cost half of what a console went for and at the cost of what they are going for now. Virtually anyone with 1500$ to spend could build a rig better than a console.

                                                        • Angelofequia
                                                          Angelofequia  Hace un día

                                                          I love how they got higher performance binned components just to better reduce the performance of the components

                                                          • CIS
                                                            CIS  Hace un día

                                                            You should do some benchmarks for this type of "efficient build", maybe even some productive scenarios.

                                                            • Louis-Antoine Couture
                                                              Louis-Antoine Couture  Hace un día

                                                              And unless your on solar wind or Hydro... I stopped right there, cya!

                                                              • Levi k
                                                                Levi k  Hace un día

                                                                Thank you great video. Please keep making more videos like this, Power efficiency is very important Especially on the road. Would you make videos for van life? Community is growing fast; Maybe reach out to Bob Wells a youtuber.

                                                                • Nappa Abridged
                                                                  Nappa Abridged  Hace un día

                                                                  No one: Not a single soul: LTT: How can we make an intel "equivalent" build? Intel: *Subscribe to PewDiePie*

                                                                  • Moop
                                                                    Moop  Hace un día

                                                                    While those are very impressive numbers for a modern PC... The SEGA Dreamcast only pulls 27W. Still got a little more work to do. ;)

                                                                    • Joshua Stagnitto
                                                                      Joshua Stagnitto  Hace un día

                                                                      yeah, i dont give a shit about saving power. i sleep with all my lights in the house on and the heat set on 120 with all my windows open with 9 fans running and my 7 pc's all set to performance mode and never allowed to go to sleep and running benchmarks 24/7 and my 12 tv's all on with the brightness set to max and fridge door open at all times and my water running 24/7 and my stove always having all burners set on max. and when im not sleeping i also run 12 vacuums 12 hours a day.

                                                                      • Robby Fish
                                                                        Robby Fish  Hace un día

                                                                        HUR DUR SHOULD HAVE JUST USED A LAPTOP HURDUR

                                                                        • Joshua Stagnitto
                                                                          Joshua Stagnitto  Hace un día

                                                                          "we asked intel about this and they said "subscribe to pewdiepie"".. what?? lmfao.. omg that was hilariously unexpected.

                                                                          • lejacobo
                                                                            lejacobo  Hace un día

                                                                            Anthony pops in from the corner and I KNOW it’s gonna be a good video. Anthony Tech Tips, please.

                                                                            • mcd5082
                                                                              mcd5082  Hace un día

                                                                              Very cool

                                                                              • slam3ndr ‍
                                                                                slam3ndr ‍  Hace un día

                                                                                2:20 SILENCE, B R A N D

                                                                                • Megadeth1311
                                                                                  Megadeth1311  Hace un día

                                                                                  i think, anthony knows the most about computers of every tech-youtubers! LTT rocks! greetings from bavaria!!

                                                                                  • Zach Bauer
                                                                                    Zach Bauer  Hace un día

                                                                                    Love the aspect ratio!!!

                                                                                    • StarGateSG7
                                                                                      StarGateSG7  Hace un día

                                                                                      Put in a coolant block to keep the heat down! ..

                                                                                      • ckoutsiouris
                                                                                        ckoutsiouris  Hace un día

                                                                                        Greta won't stop me from gaming. !!

                                                                                        • HadeS
                                                                                          HadeS  Hace un día

                                                                                          When he said that most gaming PCs don't billow a cloud of smoke, I looked at my pc just to make sure that shit wasn't blowing up

                                                                                          • JandT2014
                                                                                            JandT2014  Hace un día

                                                                                            Does anyone know what monitor they were using

                                                                                            • Lunar312
                                                                                              Lunar312  Hace un día

                                                                                              Lol it looked and sounded like you guys were doing a class presentation at times

                                                                                              • Devon Crain
                                                                                                Devon Crain  Hace un día

                                                                                                This script was kind of cringe. I liked the video content though!

                                                                                                • zeanamush
                                                                                                  zeanamush  Hace un día

                                                                                                  You forgot Nuclear. I am on Nuclear. It is so fucking clean.

                                                                                                  • ElGranCharkikan
                                                                                                    ElGranCharkikan  Hace un día

                                                                                                    We love Anthony, give him all the credits

                                                                                                    • Kristian
                                                                                                      Kristian  Hace un día

                                                                                                      I can't be the only one who got tricked into klickling the video by the thumbnail ''Minecraft - 11 Hidden Textures You Can't Normally See'' At 7:13 XD

                                                                                                      • Dylan S
                                                                                                        Dylan S  Hace un día

                                                                                                        I clicked on this video and before Laszlo Supernova finished playing I realized, "Knowing how to make your gaming PC green is just as useless a skill as knowing how to burp the alphabet!"

                                                                                                        • Floshmio lll
                                                                                                          Floshmio lll  Hace un día

                                                                                                          Yesss! more Anthony :)

                                                                                                          • Taylor Dunn
                                                                                                            Taylor Dunn  Hace un día

                                                                                                            Watching this in hi res. Anthony totally has a loose booger up his nose.

                                                                                                            • liquidkeys
                                                                                                              liquidkeys  Hace un día

                                                                                                              Can someone plz do the math on how long you would have to run the energy efficient PC to save enough money in electricity bills to justify the extra cost between the console? Location/energy price is also a somewhat variable factor. I would do the math myself but I don't wanna lookup how much they spent on each PC part.

                                                                                                              • Guillaume Lortie
                                                                                                                Guillaume Lortie  Hace un día

                                                                                                                please, solar power it! just for fun ;)

                                                                                                                • Shed Works
                                                                                                                  Shed Works  Hace un día

                                                                                                                  he's turning vegan run

                                                                                                                  • ayporos
                                                                                                                    ayporos  Hace un día

                                                                                                                    And here I am... with my 45nm intel 6-core Xeon CPU in an Asus Rampage 3 Extreme with 48GB DDR3 Ram. To be honest, I don't feel too bad.. because it means I can set my home thermostat to 18c and yet my computer room will heat up to 20-22c no problems while gaming :D

                                                                                                                    • Tyler Stone
                                                                                                                      Tyler Stone  Hace un día

                                                                                                                      can you add the LTT logo background to the description

                                                                                                                      • Dylan G-S
                                                                                                                        Dylan G-S  Hace un día

                                                                                                                        Xbox x is cheaper and more powerful tbh, not a console owner but it is.

                                                                                                                        • ThePcman911
                                                                                                                          ThePcman911  Hace un día

                                                                                                                          I like this video in making a PC more efficient, just wish you would also do a video on a cost and size of a console as well. Your efficient PC was probably twice the cost and size of the console. Do a Mini ITX gaming rig that will do 60 fps in the size of a console and keep the costs close to that magic $499 US.